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By crowdfunding we are sure that the app serves the needs of the people who want to use it both as citizens having a say and organisations making change happen., In this way we can make a tool which truly bottom up and empowers everyone to partcipate in future cities.


Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, we can offer the first pre-orders to use Wild Streets for public engagement at your organisation. Follow us on social media or sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear when we do.


For impact investments and philanthropic contributions large or small we can offer dedications and customised features. Please get in touch.

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Wild Streets is a not-for-profit association registered in Denmark with CVR no. 39872595; read more about us here.

Help us change the future of participatory urban greening by funding the development of the very first version of the Wild Streets app, including essential data collection and ecosystem service calculations, for launch in cities across the world in 2022. We deeply appreciate your commitment to Wild Streets and any support or publicity you can give. All contributors will be permanently acknowledged on our website and will get exclusive access to the beta version of the app.

If you wish to make a substantial contribution or are interested in becoming a principal partner, please contact us at We offer special benefits such as tech-supported, tailored in-app areas for your own design campaigns, discounted subscriptions for the data we collect through the app as well as output formats for designs created, selective product placement, and custom presets once the app is launched. Read more here.   

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